Terms & Conditions


Cancellation Policy:

For all local and airport transfers, we retain a 72-hour full-fare cancellation policy with a $25 administrative charge outside of that period per transfer. If any reservation is cancelled within 72 hours, including due to weather or other travel situation, we will charge the full fare. For events and multiple-car transfers, we retain a 14-day cancellation policy with a 20% booking charge if cancelled outside of that period. If a flight is delayed, we will accomodate to the best of our ability the new arrival time, but cannot guarantee it if we are double booked. We block out a full hour for airport pickups to accomodate reasonable delays. If a flight is delayed more than an hour and we have already dispatched the driver, wait time will be charged after the first hour at a rate of $30 every 15 minutes. If the delay is significant and we cannot accomodate the new time, we reserve the right to charge the full fare.

  • We highly recommend a travel insurance policy when travelling to Crested Butte as there are many travel disruptions outside of our control that can occur. Please understand regarding our cancellation policy and fares that we are a seasonal company operating with significant overhead in one of the most expensive places in the country and losing a booking last minute where we could have booked another client significantly affects our bottom line.

- All fares will be charged an addtional 20% service fee which includes gratuity.
- Ride times changed within a 24-hour window are liable to incur a $50 change fee. If there is doubt about when an exact pickup time would be, we highly encourage you to book a vehicle hourly as a charter ride.
- Rides (excluding airport pickups) include 15 minutes of wait time, with additional wait time charged at a rate of $30 every 15 minutes.
- Rates are calculated based on the time from garage to garage from our hourly rate ($120/hr with gratuity).
- Any fares before 7:00am or after 12:00pm will incur an additional $50 surcharge.
- Fares are subject to change due to demand and inclement weather. Fare will always be agreed upon by both parties before the service is given.
- A credit card will be needed to hold the reservation and will only be charged once service is within our cancellation window.
- A $600 detailing fee will apply in the event of bodily fluid or smoking inside the cabin.